About Monica Lopossay

Daughter to a truck driver and a mill worker, I grew up in rural North Carolina. My obsession with photography started at age seven, watching a thirteen inch black and white television flicker National Geographic specials. At age sixteen, I raised enough money to buy my first camera by dressing in a twenty- pound chicken suit and dancing on the side of the highway. A Pentax K-1000 was glued to my side everyday after the suit came off. The first in my family to attend college, I worked my way through as a grill cook, a tutor at a Buddhist temple, and a car mechanic. The past decade has been filled with no less excitement than my early years. It's an enormous and humbling privilege to work as a professional photojournalist. I have been honored to serve the responsibilities of my profession. I hope to continue to build on the experience I have gained, to always strive for excellence, and as importantly, to have fun while doing it.